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Signature Business Solutions – ‘Meet the Team’

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For January’s ‘Meet the Team’, we’d like to introduce Jalen. We couldn’t be more proud of what Jalen has done and accomplished this far in the organization. This Corporate Trainer helped us break some office records in December, so we’re excited to have him for #MeetTheTeam.

So Jalen, tell me about your self.
“I love to cook, that is my favorite hobby along with photography. Before getting in the business world, I worked at Chipotle while I attended school. I’m originally from Kansas City, but this wonderful opportunity brought me to Utah.”

What is your life motto?
“Life is like an oyster. Sometimes you’ve got to take out the negative things in life and make a pearl.”

What do you love about working with Signature Business Solutions?
“Really, all of my coworkers. We learn from each other and push each other to reach our greatest potential. We have a very friendly and positive environment, which is unlike any job I’ve ever had. That’s the real reason I decided to make this my career.”

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Ultimately, I want to be promoted to senior partner by the end of the year. I’ll be running my own office, hopefully in Little Rock, Arkansas. Five years from now, I want to in a position in life where I can open my own restaurant. That has been a goal of mine since I was a kid.”



What Makes A Great Leader?

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Signature Business Solutions biggest mission for our team is to help them grown professionally and personally. With our company expanding, we’re wanting our team to do the same. We’re looking for candidates to come and stay with the company, help our clients and move/transition into great leaders. As an office, we can all agree being a leader has different definitions, but we came up with simple points to understand what makes a great leader.

1) Someone Who Creates Vision

The biggest thing about creating a vision is understand where the team wants/needs to be.

-Having a destination: where are we going? what are we accomplishing?

2) Someone Who Motivates and Inspires Others

-Creating purpose: why does the team exist?

-Values: Understanding whys. (why does someone do something) at this point, we should be able to see, feel, smell, taste the vision.

3) Someone Who Follows Through (Delivery)

Day-to-Day management of operations

-Sets the pace / leads by example


4) Someone Who Coaches

Creating an environment and team to be self efficient

– Someone ensures and pushes others to be the best in their abilities and bring out leadership traits in people

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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We support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken and never give up hope. Signature Business Solutions have been wearing pink for the whole month. We want to help awareness and help donate to this breast cancer. Maybe we haven’t had someone close get diagnosed, but it is still important to find a cure.


Organization Expansion

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One of our top account reps, had the opportunity to fly out to Jacksonville, last week! Cameron had the chance to see Sir Ed get promoted up to a Senior Management position, within the organization. Congratulations Sir Ed, we’re excited to see what you do in Philadelphia!

Meet the Team at Signature Business Solutions

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For Septembers ‘Meet the Team’, we’d like to introduce Cameron. We couldn’t be more proud of what Cameron has done and accomplished thus far in the organization. This Corporate Trainer was also awarded the ‘Top Leader’ pin at our last leaders conference.

So tell us a little about you, Cameron..
“I was born and raised in Kansas City, which would explain why I am such a die hard Chiefs and Royals fan. Growing up I was heavily involved with ROTC, which taught me a lot about leadership. I actually moved to Salt Lake City for Signature Business Solutions, as I saw the awesome opportunity with the business.”

What is your life motto?
“It’s always worth it.”

What Is a random fact about yourself?
“I love Netflix. Netflix is bae.”

Why do you love working at Signature Business Solutions?
“The hands on training with every position. I think that was my biggest struggle with other fields and company’s.”

Thank you for sharing a little more about yourself, Cameron!

Signature Business Solutions Introduces Mitchell Stefani

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“I’m going to play to win every day. I want to continue to learn and get better.” – Mitchell Stefani

Signature Business Solutions is lucky enough to have Mitchell Stefani as one of our closest leaders and coaches. At our last national conference, we got to see him take home multiple awards that are only a stepping stone to where he is going. Something that we can all take from Mitchell is to always have a student mentality. He is ready to learn in every situation he encounters. Congratulations Mitchell, but we know this is only the beginning.

Jump Out of Your Jar – ‘Trapped Flea’ Theory

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Signature Business Solutions wants to encourage our leaders to leave their comfort zones and free themselves from their limitations. (This means we don’t JUST say awesome motivating quotes all day.) We recently shared the  ‘trapped flea’ analogy in a morning meeting. The theory goes over how it’s possible to train fleas not to jump out of a jar even when the lid is removed. If someone places fleas in a jar, they will continuously jump as high as they can, but obviously they will hit the lid over and over. After a while, the fleas will begin to jump just high enough so that they  no longer hit the lid. Once the lid is removed however, the fleas will continue to jump just short of the top of the jar.

Want to know something crazier? If new untrained fleas are added to the jar, they obviously will jump out and escape. The original fleas? They still won’t follow their kin, and will continue their failure of jumping out.

Now the reason this theory is so relevant to our business is that in many ways people behave exactly the same way, and often let past limitations stand in the way of their progress. Signature Business Solutions believes that this behavior is hugely detrimental to success. We are eager to promote the idea that for people to achieve their goals, they need to go beyond these self-imposed limitations. To set an example, rather than follow the crowd.

When our leaders came together to discuss this theory, they wanted to figure out where everything originates. They wanted to know why or when someone could start to put limitations on themselves. We’re aware it could start anywhere, even being a child someone has such high confidence with infinite dreams and aspirations – such as believing they will become a lawyer or an astronaut- these dreams are often subjected to negativity as most people grow up being told certain things, which create limitations. For an example, someone goes through school being told that they are not good at a particular subject, or that they can’t afford to follow a particular path, which creates unconscious limitations later in life that will deter an individual from accomplishing their goals. Signature Business Solutions believes that by recognizing these unconscious limitations that are built on the past, more people will be able to work towards their goals and reach greater success in life.

We shared this analogy because we want to prove that anything is possible with the right mind set. Just because something didn’t go a certain way once, doesn’t mean that is what is destined. Go out there and do what ever it takes to achieve your goals. Stop hitting your head and jump out of your jar!