Month: February 2017

Signature Business Solutions – ‘Meet the Team’

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For February’s ‘Meet the Team’, Signature Business Solutions would like to introduce Will! We couldn’t be more proud to call him one of our top leaders!

So Will, what is you greatest accomplishment?
“I had the opportunity to lead a successful business trip, in Las Vegas. We broke a few records for our clients, and had the opportunity to train new individuals.”

If you had a warning label, what would it be?
“‘Warning: Workaholic’ – I love my team and I strive to hit our goals as often as possible. If that means staying later for my team, I’ll do it.”

What is your long term goal?
“Multiple Business entrepreneur. I’d love to have multiple businesses in other states. Something I’ve always strived for.”

If you could tell yourself something your first day in the business, what would it be?
“Always have a student mentality, and being open for advice. Never thing you know it all, because you don’t.”

We love to hear about your goals! You obviously have had a positive impact in the company, and we’re excited to see what future holds for you!

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