Month: December 2016

What Makes A Great Leader?

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Signature Business Solutions biggest mission for our team is to help them grown professionally and personally. With our company expanding, we’re wanting our team to do the same. We’re looking for candidates to come and stay with the company, help our clients and move/transition into great leaders. As an office, we can all agree being a leader has different definitions, but we came up with simple points to understand what makes a great leader.

1) Someone Who Creates Vision

The biggest thing about creating a vision is understand where the team wants/needs to be.

-Having a destination: where are we going? what are we accomplishing?

2) Someone Who Motivates and Inspires Others

-Creating purpose: why does the team exist?

-Values: Understanding whys. (why does someone do something) at this point, we should be able to see, feel, smell, taste the vision.

3) Someone Who Follows Through (Delivery)

Day-to-Day management of operations

-Sets the pace / leads by example


4) Someone Who Coaches

Creating an environment and team to be self efficient

– Someone ensures and pushes others to be the best in their abilities and bring out leadership traits in people