Meet the Team at Signature Business Solutions

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For Septembers ‘Meet the Team’, we’d like to introduce Cameron. We couldn’t be more proud of what Cameron has done and accomplished thus far in the organization. This Corporate Trainer was also awarded the ‘Top Leader’ pin at our last leaders conference.

So tell us a little about you, Cameron..
“I was born and raised in Kansas City, which would explain why I am such a die hard Chiefs and Royals fan. Growing up I was heavily involved with ROTC, which taught me a lot about leadership. I actually moved to Salt Lake City for Signature Business Solutions, as I saw the awesome opportunity with the business.”

What is your life motto?
“It’s always worth it.”

What Is a random fact about yourself?
“I love Netflix. Netflix is bae.”

Why do you love working at Signature Business Solutions?
“The hands on training with every position. I think that was my biggest struggle with other fields and company’s.”

Thank you for sharing a little more about yourself, Cameron!


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